The Fireteam Product Suite

Fireteam is building a unified online services suite, which includes support for Xbox 360, PS3, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, with APIs that plug directly into popular gaming engines such as Unreal and Unity. It'll provide a single solution to easily integrate online features into your games, including matchmaking, transmedia connectivity across other devices, friends-features, player stats, and an in-game store. Operating on a secure and scalable global platform, the suite will also allow you to retain your own community through a white-label service.

Fireteam will be launching its service in the near future. If you are interested in using Fireteam to power your games, mail to get more information.
  • Attract
  • Engage
  • Sell Stuff
You're already spending money on marketing: now you need to maximise its effectiveness by widening your audience.

Multi-Platform APIs

Fireteam APIs support iOS, Android, and web, plus Unity and Unreal client integrations, allowing your game to reach users on many platforms.


You own the user accounts for your own titles, and retain direct ownership of the customer relationship and marketing. Fireteam takes the strain so you can worry about the game itself.

Social Integration

iOS and Android push messages, email notifications, and Facebook and Twitter integrations keep you in touch with your players.

High Performance

Our fast, robust, scalable distributed private network is hosted in multiple data-centers.
Your players love the game, but you need to keep them engaged and have them bring in their Friends.

Gamer-centric Services

Simple to integrate yet powerful Matchmaking
Turn-based and Session APIs, built by game developers.

Friends & Messaging Systems

Play with friends, invite them to the game from phone/email contacts, Facebook or Twitter.

Real-time & Cross-platform Services

Your PC or console game talking to your smartphone/tablet game in real-time? Let your designers' imaginations run wild.

Gameplay Analysis Tools

Global and session-based gameplay stats and metrics to help you tune the game experience.
Heatmaps, graphs, reports.
Increased engagement will result in increased revenue... but only if you have the right tools to analyse your audience behaviour.

In-game Store API

Build an in-game micro-transaction store in your own game UI with Fireteam's Store API.


No hacking, no cheating, no lost revenue - maintain an engaged player-base.

Server-hosted Player Profiles

Users can log into the game and their account from any supported platform/device, and they will never lose their stuff.

Store Management Tools

Use our metrics and analytics tools to make better decisions about pricing, then make changes and push updates on a territory-by-territory basis.