About Fireteam

Obsessed with online technology and video games, our Directors and Officers have worked together for over five years and have a combined professional experience of over three decades. Collectively they have achieved over 300 awards and nominations for their work.

Who's driving Fireteam?

Stephen Gaffney
Stephen Gaffney / Chief Executive Officer / @sdgaffney

Named as one of Develop Magazine's “30 Under 30” in late 2009, Steve signed circa $50m in new business during his six years at Splash Damage. Having previously managed IT for five years at Bizarre Creations, Steve became studio director at Splash Damage, overseeing that studio's transition from PC to console developer and growing it from 25 staff to 100.

Steve’s 10+ years in game development include experience supporting development throughout the Project Gotham Racing and Enemy Territory series, and heading an entire game studio for development of worldwide number 1 hit BRINK.

As CEO of Fireteam, Steve oversees global Strategy and Business.

Arnout van Meer
Arnout van Meer / Chief Technology Officer / @arnout

One of Europe’s brightest technology stars. By just 17, Arnout had already served as Lead Programmer on one of the world’s most successful mods, gaining fan sites in all major territories.  Later at 19, Arnout founded Splash Damage, and as Lead Programmer shipped Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - the worlds first Free-to-Play shooter - with 16.5 million downloads and more than half a billion matches played online. Arnout was named one of Develop Magazine's 30 Under 30 in late 2008.

With more than a decade as Lead Programmer and Technical Director on AAA video games, including the complete development cycles of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, and BRINK, his games have won more than 300 awards and nominations worldwide.  Throughout the seven years prior to starting Fireteam, Arnout integrated the multiplayer games that he directed with the worlds’ leading online service providers.

As the CTO of Fireteam, Arnout is responsible for all things Architectural and Programmatical (but not Grammatical).

Ben Hopkinson
Ben Hopkinson / Director of Operations / @benhop

With a diverse technology past including programming VHDL chips for the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, and managing huge databases for the Intelligence Sector at Cambridge, Ben founded gaming service provider Rackage UK in 2006.  As the company's Technical Director, Ben’s obsession with stability, performance, and scalable infrastructure, ensured that Rackage grew quickly to become one of Europe’s largest GSPs.

After working closely with Splash Damage for the launch of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, Ben joined the studio in 2008 as IT Manager, revolutionising the way the company operated, and instigating its private cloud.

As Director of Operations at Fireteam, Ben manages Infrastructure, Support and Operations.